Warm Brie with Cranberries and Pecans

Warm Brie with Cranberries and Pecans Appetizer
-Brie Cheese (1 small wheel)
-3-4 tablespoons brown sugar
-3 tablespoons crushed pecans
-3-4 tablespoons dried cranberries
-a little brandy (optional)
-2 boxes water crackers or wheat crackers (round wheat crackers are best)
  1. You can use many different types of brie cheese in this recipe.  For aesthetics, the wheel is best, but it can be hard to find and expensive.  I’ve seen brie wheels at Beverages & More (BevMo!) for pretty cheap.  Otherwise, you can buy brie wedges at Safeway.  At Safeway, they have their own brand called Primo Taglio, which is reasonably priced.  For this recipe, you can use 2 wedges of Primo Taglio cheese.
  2. Take brie wheel and gently cut off the top of the rind, leaving the sides and bottom intact.  Try to leave as much of the soft center cheese as possible.  If using wedges, cut off the top of the rind from each wedge, leaving the sides and bottom.
  3. Place brie wheel on a microwave-safe plate, or place the wedges on a plate side by side.
  4. Spread brown sugar over the brie.
  5. Spread cranberries over the brie.
  6. Spread pecans over the brie.
  7. If using brandy, pour a small amount over the brie (about 2 tablespoons or so)
  8. You can warm the brie in the over or microwave, but microwave is faster.  Heat the cheese in the microwave in 30-second increments, until brie is WARM.  You do NOT want the cheese to be completely melted, but just warmed up.
  9. Spread crackers on a plate and serve immediately.  As an appetizer, can serve 20 people.


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