Chicken Tinga

This recipe comes from Shauna from Gracepoint Austin. If you have any recipes you'd like posted, please email me.

Chicken Tinga (Serves 30)

·         2 large crock pots

  •      40- Roma Tomatoes
  •        5- (24 oz.) Picante Sauce (Medium)
  •        5- Large Yellow Onions
  •        6- Jalapeno Peppers
  •        15 cups- Rice (white or brown)
  •        100oz.- Mixed vegetables (corn, peas, carrots)
  •        10 lbs Chicken (diced)
  •        Cilantro (chopped)
  •        Olive Oil
  • .   Chili Powder
  • .   Cumin
  • .   Garlic Powder
  • .   2 boxes- Chicken Bouillon Cubes
  • .   Salt & Pepper
  • Cook rice
  • Cook mixed veggies ; set aside
  • Dice Roma Tomatoes (small); set aside
  • Dice Onions (small) set aside
  • While rice is cooking prepare chicken. Dice chicken & season with Chili Powder (generously), Cumin (moderately), Garlic Powder (generously), Salt & Pepper. ([All to taste] make sure chili powder doesn’t have salt or it will be too salty.) Cook the chicken in a small amount of olive oil (enough so that the chicken won’t stick to the pan.)
  • While chicken is cooking divide tomatoes, picante sauce, and onions into two crockpots and turn on HIGH heat.
  • Cut stems off Jalapenos and place WHOLE Jalapeno into crockpots;  divide b/w 2 crockpots (If you decide to cut it up it will be spicy, but up to you!.. remember the heat is in the seeds!- it adds a nice flavor if you leave it whole and it’s not too spicy!)
  • When Chicken is cooked, shred; divide into the two crockpots.
  • Dissolve 5 chicken bouillon cubes in a little warm water & divide into the 2 crockpots.
  •  Let mixture cook for 1 hour in crock-pot or until all the vegetables are soft (should look like a stew-> w/ less liquid than ingredients-but there should be liquid).
  •  Add more salt/pepper if necessary
  •  Mix rice w/ chicken bouillon(to taste, be careful-its salty) and mixed veggies
  •  Serve Chicken Tinga over the Mixed Veggie Rice.
  • Garnish w/ Cilantro :D

Sesame Noodle Salad

This recipe comes from Lena.

·         1 (16 ounce) package angel hair pasta
·         1/2 cup sesame oil
·         1/2 cup soy sauce
·         1/4 cup balsamic vinegar
·         1 tablespoon hot chili oil
·         1/4 cup white sugar
·         1 teaspoon sesame seeds, or more if desired
·         1 green onion, chopped
·         1 red bell pepper, diced
·         1 head of lettuce chopped
·         Shredded Costco Rotisserie Chicken

  1. Fill a large pot with lightly salted water and bring to a rolling boil over high heat. Once the water is boiling, stir in the angel hair pasta, and return to a boil. Cook the pasta uncovered, stirring occasionally, until the pasta has cooked through, but is still firm to the bite, 4 to 5 minutes. Drain well in a colander set in the sink.
  2. Whisk together the sesame oil, soy sauce, balsamic vinegar, chili oil, and sugar in a large bowl. Toss the pasta in the dressing, then sprinkle with sesame seeds, green onion, and bell pepper. Serve warm, or cover and refrigerate for a cold salad.