Recipes: Smart Food Prep Methods

While it may be the case that "Anyone can cook!" per Ratatouille, not everyone cooks SMART!  Many people fall into the trap of working linearly in the kitchen, where they just focus on following steps 1-5 of a recipe while the kitchen sink turns into a carefully “tetrisized” mountain of dishes, and the rest of the kitchen looks like a tornado-stricken disaster. Sound familiar?

The Smart Food Prep docs below were created with the understanding that things can be multitasked and done in parallel. Doing this will not only help you utilize your time efficiently, but will also make your cooking experience a pleasant one without the added chaos! Also included in every Smart Food Prep doc is a ready-to-go shopping list and detailed portions—whether you’ll need to cook either for a small group of 6-8 people, or for a large ministry group dinner for 100+ people! The end result is not only putting food on the table, but doing so without being flustered and frazzled! Bon appétit!

Tyson Teriyaki
Sushi Bake
Shredded Pork Coleslaw
Salmon Bibimbap
Radish Soup
MYO Burrito
Meatballs & Spring Salad
Meatball Sandwich
Mapo Tofu Gyoza Rice
Kimchee Jigae
Japanese Curry
Chicken Sausage Gumbo
California Roll
American Beef Stew & Coleslaw
12345 Pork
Rotisserie Chicken Salad Sandwich
Teriyaki Pork Shoulder Bake & Korean Salad


Unknown said…
Thank you to all who have worked on this! I found this very helpful!! :)

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