Clam Bake

Clam Bake

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clam bake
sausages (Kielbasa - 1 bag - Costco)
potatoes (red or yellow potatoes - 7lbs - Costco)
corn (20 ears of white or yellow corn - Safeway)
mussels (1 pack - Costco)
shrimp (2 packs - Costco)
onion (3 large)
clams (1 pack - Costco)
parmesan shredded cheese (1 pack - Costco)
noodles (15 lbs - linguini - Costco)
parsley (3 bundles - Safeway)
lemon (5 large)
3 large cans of chicken broth

Prep (can do night before if cooking is in stages)

Wash/cut corn (into 2" pieces)
Wash/chop parsley
Boil Pasta (al dente)
Cut sausages (1/2 inch thick rings)
Wash potatoes and cut into large chunky cubes
Wash/chop onion into diced size
defrost seafood
Sautee sausages in olive oil with onion (add pepper flakes to taste - pizza pepper flakes are fine - just 1 or 2 packs)
Put chicken broth and bring to boil
Put potatoes and boil till cooked 1/2 way
Add corn and bring to boil
Put seafood and close lid till clams/mussels open up and shrimp is pink through
Put hot broth into the cooked noodles and sprinkle with cheese, chopped parsley


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