Cooking Tips for Large Groups

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How to cook for a lot of people with little man power and time

- foods that make cooking easier

    • pre-brined and pre-cut chicken (RD/Jetro)
    • pre-cooked grilled chicken (RD/Costco)
    • frozen vegetables
    • costco shredded rotisserie chicken (located in refrigerated section right next to the rotisserie chicken oven)
    • tyson pre-cooked

- defrosting frozen foods the night before

  • cuts down cooking time
  • do this for lasagna, meatballs, tyson terriyaki chicken, 

- cooking in the oven

  • Fried Rice
    • heat up meat (i.e. ground beef, sausages, swai fish fillet) in oven
    • can add diced kim chee for korean style
    • mix w/ frozen vegetables 
    • season meat/frozen vegetables to your liking (i.e. salt, pepper, garlic, soy sause, sesame oil, oyster sauce, chili garlic sauce, korean red bean paste
    • heat up old rice in microwave or make new rice
    • add rice to cooked meat/vegetables & mix all together
    • add more seasoning as needed
  • Cooking Meat (i.e. bulgogi, meat for bi-bim-bap)
  • reheating food that easily burns on the stove in the oven (i.e. curry, spaghetti sauce)
  • pot-stickers
- cooking in a rice pot
  • porridge
    • boil broth on the stove
    • add broth and rice in a rice pot
    • cook
  • steel cut oatmeal
  • heating up chili, spaghetti, curry
  • boil hot dogs
- cooking things half-way (the night before)
  • curry: 
    • boil meat and vegetables night before
    • add curry day of meal
    • do this so that curry doesn't burn

  • home fries
    • boil potatoes 1/2 way on the stove
    • in the morning, pan fry or cook on the stove
- cooking things the night before

  • what is the meal, cook it the night before
  • then just heat up in oven, rice pot or roaster oven


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