Nachos (70+ servings)

(for around 70 people)

Costco proportions

Melted nacho cheese (1.5 cans)
Sour cream (2 tubs)
Ground beef (8 lbs)
  • browned and seasoned Taco seasoning (enough for amount of beef)
Salsa (2 containers)
Chips (2 bags)
Guacamole (4 tubs)
Jalapenos (1 jar)
Sliced olives (20 ounces)
Cilantro (3 cups chopped finely)
Green Onion (4 bundles, diced) Refried beans optional
1 can of Nacho cheese fits perfectly into one 10-cup rice cooker.
Heat up initially on "Cook" (BE SURE TO STIR FREQUENTLY) and then keep on Warm until ready to serve.
Ground beef - kept in rice cooker on warm until ready to serve, then transferred to serving bowls. 5lbs cooked ground beef fits in 5-cup rice cooker (1lb/1cup).


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