Thai Red Curry

Thai Red Chicken Curry

Bo Chen

(For about 5 people)

* NOTE *

- Best brand for coconut milk is "CHAO-KOH". Best brand for curry paste is "MAE-PLOY" (you can get this from Ranch 99 or a Thai, Chinese market or even Safeway)

- Do not need to use too much coconut milk since it is served with only a little bit of coconut milk (NOT served like soup)

- Curry paste mostly gives spicy flavor. Fish sauce & a little bit of sugar (start with 0.5-1 tablespoon) will give it a full flavor. * Season to taste *

* Ingredients *

1) 1 can of coconut milk (19 fl oz can)

2) 2 pieces of frozen, boneless/skinless chicken thighs - cut in bite-size cubes/chunks.

3) 1 zucchini (cut in half-circle shape)

4) 10 cherry tomatoes or 7 grape tomatoes (washed). If too expensive, you can also use 2 Roma tomatoes – cut into wedges (not too thin) and cut in half across.

5) 5 mushrooms (cut in 4 – cross section. Cut smaller if mushroom is big)

6) 1 small can of bamboo shoots in water (~8-10 oz) - drain out water and rinse

7) (optional) 0.5 can of baby corns (~8-10oz) - drain out water and rinse

8) (optional) 1/2 red bell pepper (take out inside and cut in small square shape)

9) 1 handful of SWEET basil leaves - wash and use ONLY leaves

10) 1-2 tablespoonful of Thai RED curry paste (depending on how spicy you want it to be)

11) * Key ingredients: fish sauce and sugar (0.5-1 tablespoon) for seasoning

* Direction *

1) Open a can of coconut milk and scoop out some coconut "fat" (not the watery part) and put it on a medium size pot.

2) Stir-fry chicken with coconut "fat" and 1 tablespoon of curry paste for 3-5 min. You may need to add more coconut fat/milk if it is dry/burning.

3) Pour the rest of the coconut milk into the pot

4) Add tomatoes in the pot. Add 0.5-1 more tablespoon of curry paste. Let it boil in MEDIUM HEAT until tomato begins to soften/break

5) Add mushroom, bamboo shoots, baby corns, bell pepper and bring it to boil for 3-5min. Then add zucchini.

6) Add fish sauce and 0.5-1 tablespoon sugar. TASTE it. Add curry paste if not hot enough (mix it well to dissolve). Be careful not to add too much paste. If you need more flavor, add fish sauce and not too much sugar. Adding more curry paste will simply make it more spicy.

7) Lastly, add basil leaves. Turn off the heat, mix it and let it sit for 3-5 min. Season to taste.


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