200+ Servings Easy Meal Lasagna

  • Meat Lasagna (13 orders of 1/2 aluminum tray from Costco)
  • Veggie Lasagna (12 orders of 1/2 aluminum tray from Smart & Final)
  • Iceberg Salad Mix (nine 3lb bags from Costco)
  • Salad Dressing - Ranch (2 bottles)
  • Salad Dressing - Vinegrette (2 bottles)
  • Dinner Rolls (6 bags, each bag contains 36 rolls)
  • Distribute lasagna trays, coolers and rolls to bake by homes (4 lasagnas per oven)
  • Prepare trays and start baking by homes - ** Follow instruction on Box/Tray ** Meat lasagna & Veggie lasagna both take about 2 hours
* Line oven shelves with foil - lasagna sauce will drip while baking
* Check lasagna while baking so that they don't burn or are undercooked
* Line coolers with towels or paper towels as lasagna drippings can stain the coolers
* we found that when we cut it beforehand cheese melts over it anyway and lasagna breaks easier when stacking on top of each other when packing.
* Cover trays with new foil sheets or the foil sheets used to line the oven shelves
* After taking lasagna out of oven, let it sit on countertop for 10 minutes to let it firm up.
* Separate each lasagna with a cardboard sheet to help it from smooshing on top of each other. If baking veggie lasagna, can use box.
* Store in cooler with bag(s) of rolls to heat rolls- do this when get to church


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