Sweet Corn with Milk

For Thanksgiving, Christmas, or any other dinner where I want to serve corn (like corn on the cob with ribs!) I use this recipe. It's my friend's family recipe that's been passed down. Most of the time when I heat corn with salt and butter I get hard, shriveled corn swimming in liquid. This recipe makes the sweetest corn I ever had and keeps it moist too.

Here's the mixture:
1 cup water
1 cup milk (you can use lactose free milk if necessary)
1/3 cup sugar
up to 1/3 cup butter (optional)

Make as much of this as needed to submerge the corn or corn on the cob in the pot. Heat on medium heat until hot or tender/cooked. Drain and serve.


dennisc said…
just in time, thanks for the post! happy thanksgiving!

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