Mo's Brisket recipe

DESCRIPTION: Oven-cooked brisket. Key is "low and slow" - low heat,
long cooking. Breaks down collagen, making meat tender.

MEAT: Buy from Jetro, the 'Select' (cheaper of the two grades they
carry) version, will probably be about a 15 pound brisket. Should be
whole, and untrimmed (i.e. one side has layer of fat).

MATERIALS: 2 large aluminum trays; aluminum foil

- 6 tbsp salt (coarse/kosher/sea salt is best but Morton's will do otherwise)
- dried herbs (I like to use 2 tbsp rosemary, 2 tbsp basil; can also
use parsley, chives, etc. based on personal preference)
- 2 tbsp chipotle powder or korean chili powder (kochu-garu)
- 1 tsp pepper
- soy sauce
- worcestershire sauce (optional but helps flavor a lot)
- balsamic vinegar (optional but helps flavor a lot)
- 1/2 an onion
- garlic (minced, whole, doesn't matter)

1. Set oven to 235 degrees, let pre-heat.
2. Cut the 1/2 onion into 'moons', 1/4" slices
3. Mince garlic (if whole). Set aside with onion, in a bowl.
4. Set out all the herbs and sauces, with lids loosened.
5. Scrub inside of sink.
6. Get sharp, small-to-medium sized knife (you don't want to use a
chef's knife).
7. Place brisket vacu-pak in sink, cut plastic and remove.
8. Laying fat side up, cut away fat except for about a 1/4"-1/2"
thickness of fat over the whole brisket. Throw away excess fat.
9. Stab top (fat side) of brisket with knife about 15 times, deep but
not all the way through.
10. Rub bottom of brisket with half of salt.
11. Lay brisket in one aluminum tray, fat side up.
12. Douse brisket with soy sauce. Massage in on all sides, and into
the stab holes. Then douse with worchestershire sauce and balsamic
vinegar. Massage.
13. Rub in rest of salt on top and sides of brisket.
14. Sprinkle green herbs and pepper over the top of brisket.
15. Spread onion and garlic over top of brisket.
16. Almost done - need to prepare the foil covering now. Cut two
pieces of foil longer than length of aluminum tray. Lay them on
counter, overlapping by about 3 inches on their long sides. Do a
double-fold at overlapping area, so that they are interlocked. Then do
another double-fold the short way, so that it's one contiguous piece.
17. Cover tray with brisket with this piece of foil, and crimp under
the edges well.
18. Set tray with brisket, in the other tray, which will help the
edges sit tight due to weight of brisket. Want it to be nearly
19. Set brisket in oven - and wait 10 hours!
20. After 10 hours, take brisket out of oven and let sit for at least
30 minutes, uncovered. Lets the juices soak back into the meat as it
21. Scoop several ladelfuls of the juice into a gallon-size ziploc,
and while holding over another bowl or container, cut off a small
piece of a corner with scissors, and let the au jus sauce drain into
the container. Stop before reaching the layer of fat at the top.
22. To carve brisket, lay on cutting board and cut into quarters (one
cut down middle lengthwise, then the other direction). Each quarter
piece will have a natural lateral division; the upper section is the
"moist'" part of the brisket, and the bottom section is the "leaner"
section. Cut apart the sections (should be very easy), and cutting
across the grain, slice off 1/4" slices of brisket.


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