Quick look__________

Everyone loves ribs. By slow cooking these, most of the work is done by the oven. Just sauce it, go to work, re-sauce, and then serve. Slow cooking in the oven makes the ribs fall right off the bone.

Prep time: 30 mins -1 hr
cook time: 1.75 hrs- 10 hrs
Difficulty level: intermediate/easy

Labor Intensity: could do alone.


  • 30lbs of ribs ($1.69/lb smart and final)
  • BBQ sauce (I like Cattlemens Smoky at Costco, 2pack for $8)
  • brown sugar or honey
  • few spoonfuls of gochujang (korean pepper paste)
    Total: $58
  • Directions__________

    There are 2 ways to cook these ribs. One way is to slow roast it for 10 hrs and the other way is to boil them. If you have the time and oven space, I would prefer slow roasting.
  • Preheat oven to 190
  • Place 2 sides of ribs on an aluminum tray in a tent formation.
  • Brush with sauce
  • You could add brown sugar and gotchujang/tabasco to sauce to taste.
  • Pour 1 cup water into the tray
  • Place ribs in oven before you leave for work (8:30am)
  • Take out ribs after work (5:30pm) and brush on more sauce. Turn oven to 400F.
  • Cook in oven for 30 minutes and brush on more sauce.
  • Broil for 5 minutes, rotate bottom tray to top and vice versa. Broil for 5 more minutes. Check broiler every minute. In one minute it can turn from blackened tips to burnt. Also, make sure the food is at least 4-6 inches from broiling coil
  • Leave for 7pm small group (@ 6:20pm)

  • 2nd method

  • Fill a large stock pot with hot water and place on stove on high heat
  • Cut ribs into 2-bone pieces
  • Boil all meat for 1 hr 45min
  • Brush on sauce and place in oven for 30 minutes at 400F
  • Recoat with sauce
  • Place under broiler for 10 minutes at a time, rotate trays from top rack to bottom rack
  • Check broiler every minute. In one minute it can turn from blackened tips to burnt. Also, malke sure the food is at least 4-6 inches from broiling coil

    Tom's Tips and Tricks__________

  • An aluminum tray can hold 1 side of spare ribs or 2 sides if they are leaning on each other in a triangle formation. Arrange so the tips of the bones are on the outside and the curved, brisket section are inward. It will be an upside down V formation. Each side is about 5lb, meaning you can cook about 20lbs per oven. You may need to cook the other half at someone else's kitchen

    By roasting it at 190-200F, you keep it under boiling temperature, preventing it from drying out. The temperature also allow the tough meat to become very tender when cooked for longer than 5 hrs. I like to add some water to the pan. I adapted this from a southern cooking style called "beer can chicken." The basic idea is that the top of the ribs will dry and form a nice crispy skin. The water underneath will evaporate and rise. The meat is arranged slanted and will trap the steam and absorb moisture. It will be crispy on the outside and moist inside from the steam. You can take a brush and baste the meat with the juice, like you would a thanksgiving turkey, adding extra flavor.

    [Possible side dish] mashed potatos, corn, corn bread, Potato wedges


    andy said…
    Our Kairos group tried this recipe, the slow cook version and it was awesome! Thanks Tom
    Unknown said…
    Tom, I love ribs but they always seemed to complex to make at home. I'll try this as soon as I get a chance and let you know how they turned out. :)
    Ulia said…
    I used the quicker recipe, and the ribs were a hit! This recipe was really easy. Thanks.
    becky said…
    the slow cook version was great! but i recommend salt lick bbq sauce, of 3 sauces tried.
    ray said…
    Thanks Tom. I'm going to try this at my next lifegroup dinner!

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