A Juicier Turkey

There are many ways to do a tasty and juicy turkey and it all comes down to preference. Here are some quick tips:

1. brine, inject, or dry rub your turkey. Whatever way you want to salt (and sugar) the meat. Use whatever herbs you want.

2. Don't over cook the meat. That means mid 150Fs for the breast. The thigh should reach at least 175F-180F. Low heat or high oven temp - do whichever you want.

3. I highly recommend using a meat thermometer like this: http://www.amazon.com/Taylor-Digital-Cooking-Thermometer-Timer/dp/B00004XSC5/ you can get something like this at walmart or any local store. Stick it in the middle of the turkey breast, put it in the oven, check the temperature dial. Take turkey out when it reaches temp. There is an alarm that goes off when it reaches the temp

4. Cut the turkey legs and wings off BEFORE it goes in the oven.

If you talk to anyone about how to make a juicy turkey, they will all agree on #1-3. Most people will cook until 175F when the plastic popup timer goes off in the turkey. By then the thighs are done but the breast is now dry and horrible. Others will pull it out around 160F and serve bloody thighs, embarrassment, and excuses. Why is it so hard to do this right?

Norm Rockwell. Most people attribute the iconic thanksgiving dinner to this painting:

 Years of tradition and childhood memories tell us that we need to have a nice centerpiece turkey that looks beautiful on the dining table before it's carved. We sacrifice so much to have that beautiful (whole) turkey. What happens at my house and at sometimes at TC is that we slice up the turkey on the kitchen counter and bring to the table a plate of sliced meat:
If we aren't bringing out a whole turkey, why not cut it up before cooking it?
That way you take out the main part (the breast) when it's 155F-160F and it's just barely cooked, white with a slight pink shade. Then you put the legs and wings back in the oven until it's 180F.
Take your cooked pieces and reassemble the turkey nicely and serve. You have the entire turkey fully cooked but not overcooked while remaining juicy. It's just 1 extra step but makes a big difference. 


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