Pork Roast tip

Here's a useful tip when you roast pork shoulder:

275⁰F for 8 hours if you want to shred (carnitas or pulled pork)

215⁰F for 8 hours if you want to slice (pork roast)

I've done 4lbs, 40lbs, and everything in between. I've done midnight-8am or 9am-5pm. Some general rules:

  • Uncovered in aluminum tray
  • No liquids, just meat
  • Fat side up
  • Use your favorite herbs or spices, I like to season it the night before
  • Adjust to your oven (some ovens may not actually get to 215⁰F or way hotter) and figure out what time/temp works for your oven
  • High elevation (Sierra lodge) may be different and require longer cook time. 
  • This is for pork. You can do this for beef if you want a well done beef roast.


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