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Quick Look_______________

This summer is going by so fast! We just sent off the UCLA team to start Gracepoint Los Angeles, there was Gracepoint Summer Rally where all of our churches (Berkeley, San Francisco, Davis, Hsinchu, Austin, San Diego, Riverside, Minnesota) came together for a time of fellowship, and we celebrated the 50th birthday of Kelly Kang (Pastor Ed Kang's wife. Together they lead Gracepoint Berkeley). For Kelly's birthday we made lots of cupcakes and various cakes of all kinds. It was then I noticed a current fad: Cake pops.
It essentially looks like a waffle maker and that's when the epiphany happened. What if you put cake batter into a normal waffle maker? It would make a waffle cake in minutes. You can make different variations and it would be a fun small group event to make creative cake waffles using everyday appliances. Next up is a brownie waffle recipe. I think I need to modify the batter before cooking.
  • Prep time: 5 minutes
  • Cook time: 2-3 minutes
  • Difficulty: easy.
  • Labor Intensity: You can do on your own very easily!


  • 1 box of your favorite cake mix (1 box makes 5 waffles - depending on your waffle size)
  • Eggs, water, oil (as stated on box)
  • Whatever toppings you want to add


Make cake batter according to directions on box
Spray waffle maker with non-stick spray. Pour into waffle maker and take out when done. You can mix different flavors. I made a neapolitan cake waffle
You can swirl around different flavors

Tom's Tips/tricks_______________

Note: If you cook it longer, it will be crunchier, taste less sweet, and will taste more like a waffle. If you cook it shorter, it'll be soft, moist, and fluffy like a cake; however, it will be a bit harder to take out since it's so soft. Play with it a little and see how "done" you like it.

Yellow cake doesn't have much flavor and tastes like a sweet waffle, especially if you cook it too long. Strawberry cake tastes like strawberry cake. Chocolate cake goes well as a waffle cake. I like how the flavor comes out through the toasted edges. You can also add chocolate chips in the batter and then pour hot chocolate fudge sauce (found in the ice cream section) over it.

Here are some other ideas I found online:
Ice cream sandwich with cake waffles
Red velvet waffle cake with frosting
Chocolate waffle cake with ice cream and fudge
Sprinkles + whipped cream
Birthday waffle cake


Anonymous said…
That looks really good! I think that would be a fun welcome week activity at gracepoint ucla
Anonymous said…
looks so yummy!!!
Anonymous said…
i tried these the other day - they were simple, easy to make and delicious!

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