emergency thawing

bought your turkey too late?
5 hrs/lb is a minimum for thawing a turkey in the fridge. If you are cooking for this Sunday, Thursday would probably be the absolute latest for thawing.

30mins / lb is a minimum for thawing by submerging in cold water. Replace the water every 30 mins. It'll take about 8hours on average with this method

I thawed a turkey in a large cooler overnight and it was ready to go in the morning. Just break off the ice that forms around the turkey every now and then. I like to thaw overnight once I get the turkey in a large cooler, then finish thawing the turkey in the fridge for a couple more days to get fully thawed out.


Anonymous said…
Only if I knew this before... I wouldn't have to throw away the un-thawed turkey that I was trying to cook away...

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