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Every now and then I want to post stuff somewhat related to food that might be useful.

We get occasional ant problems in our kitchen and after trying different products we stumbled upon terro. The person at Home Depot recommended it and said most of the other brand name products don't work very well. I thought it'd be worth a try and from what I could tell it really works and I haven't seen any ants since. I looked it up on Amazon and they get very high reviews for all of their products. It's a 5% solution of borax in sugar syrup. It takes a lot for a person to get sick (since we weigh so much more than ants) so it's relatively safe. The ants take it back to the colony and within days it kills the whole colony and queen.

We don't have any more ants at our house since we used it and it seems very effective. Of course the best defense is to promptly clean all dishes, trays, and counters to leave nothing available. But when they come, this is an effective, safe, and cheap way of controlling ants. Just another way to keep a clean kitchen pest free!


Steven C said…
We had ant problems at our house for awhile and we made our own homemade borax in honey solution. The ants were all over it until they met their unfortunate demise.

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