Food Management Protocol (Short Version)

Food Management Protocol (Short Version)
# of Days before Food Event
To Do
Two Days Before
Food management lead and apprentice(s):  This might take 30 minutes to 2 hours depending on the size of the food event. 

(1) Complete shopping list & give shopping list(s) to shoppers

(2) Work out the game plan & other logistics
[*see game plan steps at the bottom]

(3) Go over “user experience” with the apprentice(s):  play out from start of food prep to cleaning

(4) Check for appropriate cooking utensils, containers, & supplies  (*when doing BBQ:  check BBQ bin for long tongs, extra propane tank for gas, charcoal, charcoal fuel, etc.)

One Day Before Food Event
Food management lead and apprentice(s):
(1) Check for all ingredients purchased for the food prep
(2) If frozen meat used:  check if it is getting defrosted

Day of Food Event
Food manager lead & apprentice(s) must come at least 30 minutes prior (or earlier depending on event) to prep and set-up for others to come and help cook:
                  Have recipe
                  Have instructions to the recipe
                  Have the game plan

Food Management Game Plan
(1) Getting all the proportions right (doing the conversions and math for portions)
(2) Designating how many areas of food prep
-assign an area leader (preferably one of the apprentices) who knows what is going on
-what are the steps of food prep
                             e.g.  Let water boil for noodles ahead of time
                             e.g.  Wash bags of green onions ahead of time and drain
                  e.g.  Each area must have the recipe, instructions to the recipe
(3) Cleaning (during prep, after prep, after eating)
(4) Working out a simple plan for left-overs


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